Pledge of Allegiance

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Here is a draft "Pledge of Allegiance" which cooperating residents of Israel and Palestine might some day recite and teach to their children, in the hope of securing a lasting peace settlement in the troubled lands they currently occupy. As an alternate first line, one could simply say: "As a current citizen / resident of (Israel / Palestine)."


Pledge of Allegiance for World Citizens of the Holy Land

As a descendant of (Israeli / Palestinian) parents,
Living in the Holy Land of my ancestors,
I recognize my responsibility to live in peace
And to make this Holy Land Protectorate a place of peace.
I accept the invitation of the Community of Nations
To become a Citizen of the World living in the Holy Land Protectorate.
As a World Citizen, I reject violence as a way to settle disputes,
And count on the UN Judiciary Service to fulfill this role.

I pledge to honor the noble and generous traditions of my people:
To welcome the stranger, protect the visitor, and respect our neighbors.
As a World Citizen living in this Protectorate, I commit myself:
To join with my neighbors in being good stewards of this land,
To share its water and natural resources equitably,
To protect its environmental and its archaeological wealth,
And to maintain its holy places as World Heritage sites,
Open to all men and women of good will.